WNNC Committees

Beautification/Planning & Land Use
Chair: Sandra Villalobos

  • The Committee shall be co-chaired by two (2) of the Committee members, as nominated by the Committee and approved by the Governing Board; at least one co-chair must be an Council Board Member.
  • The Land Use and Planning Committee shall review, take public input, report Westlake North Neighborhood Council Bylaws Approved 1009012015SS on, and make recommendations of actions to the Governing Board and general membership on any land use and planning issues such as sector/parcel beautification/improvement and related code enforcement, and overall land use and development and planning aspects affecting the Council community. The committee shall monitor all agendas of the Planning and Land Use Committee of the City Council and keep informed of City Council items for projects or other issues within the boundaries of the Council.

Outreach and Communication
Chair: Karina Rodriguez

  • Works to expand, broaden and intensify community involvement in the Council, especially among stakeholder groups that may be under-represented in the Voting Membership and on the Board. The Outreach Committee organizes and executes general meetings and special events and develops an on-going outreach plan and effort to ensure the maximum participation by stakeholders.

Bylaws and Procedures
Chair: Harold “Mac” McCarthy

  • By-laws committee: Responsible for the governance documents of the Council and related compliance issues with Department.

Budget and Finance
Chair: Rocky Valenzuela

  • Chaired by the Treasurer, the Budget and Finance Committee shall approve the annual budget of the Council.

Crime Prevention/Public Safety Committee
Chair: Rocky Valenzuela

  • The committee will be chaired by a stakeholder and will gather information from public safety officers and groups already involved in the type of work, ( e.g., Community Police Advisory Board, neighborhood watch, block clubs, etc. ) and will facilitate the information being brought to the neighborhood council. They may advocate for the neighborhood council’s support or attention to a particular matter.

Youth/Education Committee
Chair: Ventura Mendez Florencio

  • Co-chaired by the respective representatives: Vets issues regarding youth and educational matters affecting the Council or general stakeholder population.


  • Animal Services Liaison: Jennifer Virgen
  • DWP Liaison: Harold “Mac” McCarthy
  • Film Liaison: TBD
  • Homeless Liaison: Ivonne Nanette Machado
  • Neighborhood Council Sustainability Liaison: Harold “Mac” McCarthy
  • Alliance: Appoint a representative or representatives to the alliance
  • Purposeful Aging Liaison: Margarita Alvarez Gomez